Manufacturing has long formed the backbone of the U.S.’s economic engine, but the industry has undergone enormous change in the last 20 years. Manufacturing is increasingly globalized and decentralized. Parts used in assembly are themselves made all over the country and the world. The machines and robots that are used in manufacturing are made, Read More

When most of us from the NY/NJ/PA area think of Florida, we think of the happy madness of the theme parks in Orlando or the colorful bustle of Miami or a Margaritaville-tinged postcard of Key West. But Florida offers many hidden gems not easily accessible from the big airports and thus not as well-known., Read More

The ocean. The rocky. The seafood. The hiking and birding. The fishing. The museums. The sailing. The spas. The shopping. The golf. The biking. The adorable cottages and cozy inns. The history. There’s nowhere else in America like Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a dream vacation. But, have you ever Googled “how to get to Martha’s, Read More

Sometimes a small package can bring a lot of hope. At Leading Edge, we get calls to transport all types of small cargo — computer disks, assembly line machinery, a critical part. But, our most special cargo runs may be the ones were we deliver a small cooler holding the promise of a bright, Read More

Warm temperatures in the Northeast have continued well into September, so it almost feels like an eternal summer this year. Yet, the pumpkin-spiced seasonal foods are out and Halloween decorations crowd the stores, so we know that cool temperatures and crisp air are just around the corner. It won’t be long until we are, Read More

Value. Whether it’s the value of your time or the value of time spent with family or friends, female CEOs know their worth. No doubt you’ve broken through a lot of barriers, made sacrifices, and worked your butt off to get to the executive level. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who built her own enterprise, Read More

Who hasn’t joked about needing a vacation right after you return from your vacation? When did vacations change from stress-free time to unwind and recharge and instead become sources of stress themselves? The hassle of travel has encroached so far on our enjoyment of the time off that sometimes it’s not worth it. Why, Read More

The numbers for business travel are staggering. 445 million business trips a year costing $251 billion. The average domestic trip costs $949 per person; for international trips, it’s $2600.1 Now, get out your calculator and start multiplying. Because there’s no doubt that one of the great revolutions in business of the last two decades, Read More

I hate the dash to the airport for a early morning flight; I leave plenty of time to get there and rush hour traffic means that I barely make the flight…or miss it entirely. I always say I’m going to work on the plane, but it never happens. There’s a crying baby or a, Read More

It’s just after Halloween and already the consumer travel sites are giving you all the tricks and shortcuts to make holiday travel bearable. Condé Nast Traveler says not to travel on the day before Thanksgiving, to come home the Monday after Thanksgiving, and to have Thanksgiving in Texas if you want the cheapest fares., Read More