Why Fly with Us?

Why fly charter with Leading Edge?

  • Convenience: You depart from a nearby, local airport. Leading Edge charter flights can pick you up at just about any general aviation airport. No more long travel times in traffic to commercial airports.
  • Flexibility: You set the itinerary and departure times. No more being beholden to the airline’s decisions.
  • Reliability: Your Leading Edge charter waits for you and departs when you are ready. No more missed connections, delays, or cancellations.
  • Efficiency: Your time is money. With Leading Edge, you can arrive 15 minutes before the flight, work or relax on the plane, and step off the plane with luggage in hand and ground transportation waiting steps away. No more wasting your time in traffic, in lines, and on standby.
  • Service: With only your party on board the aircraft, Leading Edge can customize the flight experience to meet your needs. Fly charter flights with us regularly and we know your preferences without you even having to ask. No more cattle-car mentality or annoying seatmates.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Save money by decreasing your travel time, increasing productivity hours, and amortizing costs for team travel. No more hours-long odysseys to the airport, arrivals hours early to allow for security checks, pointless layovers, and waits for delays. No more outrageous last-minute airfares and hidden costs.
  • Peace of mind: Leading Edge has its own maintenance, fuel, hanger, and planes. Leading Edge has maintained an impeccable safety record for over 20 years. All Leading Edge charter flight pilots, instructors, and charter crew are FAA-certified pilots.
  • Keeping your promises: It’s worth every penny to be there for your child’s play, big game, or just family dinner together. Keep your promises. No more apologizing for the airline’s mistakes.

Say “no” to everything you hate about air travel by saying “yes” to chartering with Leading Edge.