Plan Your Winter Vacation to Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach – Fly Charter

Warm temperatures in the Northeast have continued well into September, so it almost feels like an eternal summer this year. Yet, the pumpkin-spiced seasonal foods are out and Halloween decorations crowd the stores, so we know that cool temperatures and crisp air are just around the corner. It won’t be long until we are all looking to recapture just a bit of the warm weather and summer magic as winter arrives and snow settles in.


It’s why so many of us look south when planning our winter vacations or, for the happily retired, a yearly migration to warmer winter-season homes. But taking that winter vacation or making the seasonal move can be painful. No one wants to fight crowded holiday-season airports or jam-packed roads. Especially not with kids or relatives with mobility challenges. The hassle of conventional travel eats into our enjoyment of the vacation itself — it’s the very reason behind the concept of “staycation.”

But, you can remove that hassle and get straight to the good stuff, whether that good stuff is a longer time to enjoy the destination or a quicker trip and easier settle-in to your seasonal home. Fly charter. You can avoid the crowded holiday airports by flying from a smaller, quieter airport closer to home to a similar airport near your destination. You can bring everything you want — no extra checked-bag fees, no overweight hassles, no lost treasures. You can include family or friends with mobility issues. You can spend more time where you want to be and less time getting to and from it.

For sure, flying charter is a new way of thinking about travel. Let’s say you crave that winter getaway to Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where you can still play golf in December and stroll the sandy beaches without a parka. But you don’t like having to fly out of your way to hit a hub, change planes, pay a holiday-hiked fare, fight with crabby crowds at the airport, and have your bag lost for good measure. Driving isn’t an attractive option — 10+ hours in the car with restless kids, endless bad food and gross bathroom stops, flat tires in the middle of nowhere. But flying charter to Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach is a whole new experience. Pack your bags, drive a short distance to your local airport, walk right on the plane minutes before departure with all your luggage, stretch out and do whatever you want during the flight (no leg room fights or pretzel squabbles!), step off the flight to your awaiting car, and you’re there. Stay an extra day because your travel home won’t eat that day.

Sometimes, we don’t realize how bad it’s gotten and don’t know how great it can be. Make the phone call to explore charter and the secret world of easy, pleasant travel will open up before you. You deserve to enjoy your vacation! Fly charter.