Here’s the Real Secret to Stress-Free Holiday Travel: Charter Flights

It’s just after Halloween and already the consumer travel sites are giving you all the tricks and shortcuts to make holiday travel bearable. Condé Nast Traveler says not to travel on the day before Thanksgiving, to come home the Monday after Thanksgiving, and to have Thanksgiving in Texas if you want the cheapest fares. That’s great! If your boss doesn’t mind you taking a few more days off…and if you have family in Texas. CNN reminds you that you are going to pay baggage fees, extra leg room fees, and onboard meal fees. An Orbitz survey found that two-thirds of Americans plan to spend more on holiday travel than on holiday gifts. Americans plan, on average, to spend $2195 for holiday travel. And for what? For the pleasure of standing 50-deep in the security line? For the fun of having your flight delayed, cancelled, or overbooked? For the excitement of trying to entertain your bored, hyperactive kids sitting on the floor at the airport gate? Do you want to be at the airport with the 66% of Americans (that’s 210 MILLION people) who plan to travel by airplane this holiday season? Of course you don’t. But what can you do, you just have to put up with it, right?



Give yourself the best holiday gift you could ask for — stress-free, line-free, delay-free, cancellation-free, traffic-free holiday travel by taking a charter flight. Get the whole family together and start the party early on your private flight, which leaves from a general aviation airport minutes from your house, has no security lines, departs when you tell it to, and arrives at your airport of choice on time without baggage claim waits, long taxi lines, and insane crowds. Oh, and no baggage fees, no extra leg room fees, no onboard meal fees, no we-thought-of-another-way-to-charge-you-more fees. And you won’t catch your annual holiday cold from the random guy sitting in seat 31A. Charter is travel the way it used to be. Civilized. Courteous. Prompt. Relaxing. And, dare we even say it? Fun.

Whether you are departing from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard, you can say no to holiday travel hassles. Say yes to charter flights.