Charter Flights Welcome Miracles on Board

Sometimes a small package can bring a lot of hope.

At Leading Edge, we get calls to transport all types of small cargo — computer disks, assembly line machinery, a critical part. But, our most special cargo runs may be the ones were we deliver a small cooler holding the promise of a bright future for a transplant patient waiting at the other end of the route. Delivering organs for transplant is time-sensitive and delicate work. A transplant team never knows when an organ might become available or where it will need to travel to the recipient, so time, flexibility, and availability of the air carrier is critical to success. We have developed relationships with hospitals and transplant teams in the Northeast to make our aircraft available on-demand to transport life-saving organs to waiting patients and their families. The system of moving needed medical materials from one place to another is something most of us don’t think about, but the transport part of that system is a critical piece of saving lives.


Hospitals and their transplant teams trust charter flight companies like Leading Edge with their most precious cargo — literally the gift of life. But, there’s another, less conspicuous but no less important, miracle on board for families with oxygen-dependent loved ones. Leading Edge’s charter aircraft are equipped with medical oxygen. You can’t take your medical oxygen tank on board a commercial flight, but step on a charter flight and you can plug right into the medical oxygen outlet. That’s nothing less than a godsend for families who want to travel with their oxygen-dependent loved ones. Leading Edge believes everyone should be able to make beautiful memories as a family and we go out of our way to ease the journey for our guests with physical and medical challenges. Charter flights enable these guests to travel without long security line waits, to board right at ground level, to travel with needed medical equipment, to use on-board medical oxygen, to stretch out in flight, and to de-plane close to their destination and far away from the hassle of a crowded commercial airport.

Every day, miracles big and small are happening on our charter aircraft. So, when you think charter, don’t just think about people flying for business or pleasure. This holiday season, while waiting for your own gift-giving packages to arrive, think about those miracles on board our charter flights and have a good thought for the people whose lives are changed by a simple, on-time, safe delivery of the most precious gift of all.