Executive Charter Flights: Because You’re Worth It

Value. Whether it’s the value of your time or the value of time spent with family or friends, female CEOs know their worth. No doubt you’ve broken through a lot of barriers, made sacrifices, and worked your butt off to get to the executive level. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who built her own enterprise or a woman who worked her way up the traditional ladder, you have arrived at a place where you know what you value and how to value yourself. Your time is a precious commodity and you have too many things to achieve to waste any of it. Charter flights should be in every CEO’s toolbox because they maximize your productive time when business travel calls you away from home.


Executive charter flights up your productivity. Too often, the hassles of air travel by commercial carrier make travel time lost time. It’s hard to be productive when driving to distant airports, standing in endless security lines, being delayed or cancelled, or drawing a seat next to a chatty Cathy or a melting down child. When you fly via charter, you leave from an airport near your home or work. You decide when the plane departs and returns. There are no lines. Drive up to the airport and step onto the plane. Bring your team on board or travel alone — it’s up to you. The plane is yours and only yours. Spread out and work on the flight. Or catch up on your reading. Or further your career with that continuing education course, training piece, or TED Talk you keep meaning to make time for. When you arrive, step off the plane, pick up your luggage planeside, and step into your ground transportation.

Charter flights maximize your flexibility. If you are needed at another location at the last minute, you can charter a flight and get there. No sold out flights. If you need to visit two or three branches, factories, or offices on the East Coast, you can do that in one day and be home that evening. Try that with commercial air travel schedules. If you have to be at a 7 AM meeting, you can charter a 5 AM flight. You don’t have to go in the night before. And then you can be back to the office for your regular 1 PM staff meeting. You set your schedule every day — why aren’t you also setting your own business travel schedule?

Charter flights put you in control. You set the plane’s schedule, including departure and return flight times. If something changes, you change the time. So, if you need to be home for your child’s play or game, you can be home. If you have a social engagement, you can make it. If you are needed back at the office, you can be there. No more “I missed my flight” or “I can’t get a flight out” or “My flight got cancelled.” You ARE the flight.

Productivity. Flexibility. Control. You didn’t get where you are without practicing these three things at your job every day. With charter flights, you can now use them take hold of your business travel and make it work for YOU.