Charter Flights

It’s a cliché to talk about the hassles of commercial air travel. Everyone has at least one horror story and a litany of aggravations for even the most routine flights — time wasted on the way to the airport, parking that’s miles from the terminal, long lines at check-in, back-ups at security, lost baggage, seat assignment problems, crowded aircraft, rude or annoying seating companions, delays and cancellations, missed connections, long travel times to your ultimate destination far from the airport. The “Golden Age” of air travel from our romantic past may seem long gone, but, in fact, there is a far easier way to travel by air. On your schedule. With (or without) your chosen companions. No traffic on the way to the airport. No lines. No connections. Virtually no delays or cancellations. No waiting for — or lost baggage. Arriving close to your destination, at the time you want, with your bags in hand as soon as you step off the plane. This is air travel by charter with Leading Edge. And it’s everything flying should be.

You set the time you depart. You decide the itinerary. You determine with whom you travel, if anyone. You arrive right before your departure time, hand off your luggage, board, and you are underway. You arrive, deplane, pick up your luggage plane-side, and are on your way. The return flight waits for you, departs when you are ready, and gets you home on time. That’s air travel by charter with Leading Edge.

The cost of the delays and “inconveniences” of flying commercial have real, calculable costs. Whether it’s lost work time to the hours it takes to get to and get through the airports, holding up or missing meetings due to delays, or missing your child’s event because your flight was cancelled, that’s real money and real time you can’t get back. Air travel by charter can get you there quickly, easily, and on your schedule. A charter flight departs from a local airport just minutes from your home or business. You will arrive closer to your destination than if you used a commercial airline. Your charter waits for you and your associates and we leave when you are ready. Cancellations and delays are virtually non-existent.