Martha’s Vineyard: Charter Flights’ Style Beats Conventional Travel By A Mile

The ocean. The rocky. The seafood. The hiking and birding. The fishing. The museums. The sailing. The spas. The shopping. The golf. The biking. The adorable cottages and cozy inns. The history. There’s nowhere else in America like Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a dream vacation.

But, have you ever Googled “how to get to Martha’s Vineyard”? Go ahead. Do it right now. We’ll wait here.


“The Island of Martha’s Vineyard can be reached by sea or by air; there are no land routes, bridges or tunnels connecting it to the mainland. We know that the extra effort of getting to an island can seem daunting, especially for a first-time visitor.” (Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce) Source:

“4 (Easier Than You Think) Ways To Get to Martha’s Vineyard.” (Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce again — bless them, they are trying to make it work) Source:

“Martha’s Vineyard Fast Ferry offers visitors to Martha’s Vineyard an option to skip the long drive out to Woods Hole and totally avoid all the Cape Cod traffic.” (TripAdvisor) Source:

“The Steamship Authority’s vehicle reservation wait list utilizes a computerized search for space based on cancellations or changes. Requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis, and changes are updated automatically.” (The Steamship Authority, the only ferry service provider to Martha’s Vineyard that carries vehicles) Source:

Wow, that dream became a nightmare pretty fast.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Sit in hours of traffic going out to the Cape (either in your car or in…that’s right, a bus). Wait a few hours for your ferry (you’ve gotta be early!). Then another hour or so trip to the Vineyard — unless the weather is bad, in which case you may not go at all. Oh, wait — Head over to one of the ferry service sites right now and try booking a date this summer. Any date. It’s probably going to be sold out. No ferry for you!

The heck with that, I’ll fly in commercial, you say. Cape Air is the local commercial year-round airline flying in the majority of Martha’s Vineyard travelers. But Cape Air doesn’t fly out of Philadelphia or Newark or any other Pennsylvania or New Jersey airport. You’d have to go to Westchester County NY. You might as well just drive to the Cape. The two major airlines that fly regional jets into Martha’s Vineyard aren’t any more convenient — Jet Blue and Delta fly only out of JFK and American flies only out of DC’s Reagan National. (Source:

You could take a train. Oh, wait. You still have to get on the ferry. That you can’t get a reservation for.

If you’ve been traveling to the Vineyard for years, none of this is news to you — you already know the hassle. Maybe you’ve accepted that’s just the way it is. Maybe you don’t even stop to think anymore about what a pain it is. Maybe you dread it but you do it anyway because you love the Vineyard. And, if you’re thinking of vacationing on the Vineyard for the first time, trying to figure out how to get there is enough to skip it altogether.

There is a better way.

Charter flights are the fastest, most convenient, most reliable, and most pleasurable way to start your Martha’s Vineyard vacation. Fly out of a general aviation airport near your home. Bring as much luggage as you want without the limitations and additional charges of commercial airlines. Depart when you want. Avoid the commercial airport security and boarding hassles. Fly the entire family together — up to nine of you. Even take your pets in the cabin. Get to the Vineyard in less time than driving/ferry, flying commercial, riding the train/ferry, or taking a private boat. Wave to the traffic below and you descend into the island. Step off the plane and onto the Vineyard — no layovers, no changing modes of transportation, no cramming into a bus or ferry or train with 400 sweaty people and crabby kids. Honestly, flying charter to Martha’s Vineyard is a complete dream of a travel arrangement in any situation and think of the time and money you will save by cutting out all the crazy traffic, mad-dash bookings, and wasted productive time.

Now is the time to learn how charter flights to Martha’s Vineyard will give you the best vacation you’ve ever had and save you from a travel nightmare. Summer will be here before you know it. Save us a seat on the water at The Black Dog!