Why Charter a Flight?

Charter flights with Leading Edge have significant, tangible benefits over commercial.

Your Leading Edge charter flight departs from a local airport just minutes from your home or business and flies to a local airport close to your destination, in most cases closer than the nearest large commercial airports. Leading Edge can pick you up at almost any local airport, or even a large commercial airport if that’s most convenient. You set your Leading Edge charter departure times and the aircraft waits for you and your associates, leaving only when you are ready.

Leading Edge files an individual flight plan for each charter – no need to fit into commercial routes and prescribed departure and arrival times. Equipment and crew are reserved for your use and not dependent on arrival from other destinations. Cancellations and delays are virtually nonexistent.

You set the flight itinerary to meet your needs — an early morning meeting, a two- or three-stop facility visit, an arrival home in time for your child’s game — whatever works for you. You travel a few minutes instead of a few hours to the airport. There are no check-in or security lines to wait in. You board when you arrive, not when your row is called. You work on the flight, have a private meeting with your team onboard, or relax and enjoy your downtime. Fly alone for quiet time or take your entire team or family. You arrive and go straight to your ground transportation, bags in hand. You can return the same day instead of incur the costs of an overnight stay to wait for a commercial flight the next day. Time saved by avoiding ground travel, lines, delays and cancellations, and waiting translates into more productive hours at work or at play.

Cost Savings
The perception of charter flights as expensive is erroneous. Charter flights save you money in four ways. First, you can fly an entire team of up to eight people together for one fee. That replaces eight airfares, which often have to be booked last minute and are therefore typically very costly. And, the team can work on the flight, rather than be isolated throughout a commercial aircraft among distractions. Second, for one fee, the plane is yours for the day and you set the schedule when you book the trip. You can make two or three hops for meetings or facility visits; if you flew commercial, you would have to pay additional airfares for the team to make those legs. Third, charter saves you the costs incurred of lost work time due to travel to and from distant commercial airports, arriving hours early for security, waiting in lines, and sitting during delays or cancellations. Plus, you’ll never have to book a hotel night to wait for the next flight out in the morning. Leave when you are finished. Finally, because Leading Edge is based out of Doylestown, a regional airport, our overhead is much lower than charter companies based out of large commercial airports — and that translates into savings for you.

Personalized Service
With only you and your associates on board the flight, Leading Edge charter offers personalized service that meets your needs. As a Leading Edge charter client, we remember your needs and preferences so we can meet them instinctively.

Experienced and Professional Staff
Leading Edge charter pilots receive the same training and achieve the same certification as commercial airline crews. Our staff will work to accommodate your special needs while maintaining the highest levels of safety and integrity, and providing personalized service to each of our clients

Start Your Vacation Early
Don’t lose two days of vacation to travel. Charter a flight with Leading Edge instead, fly the whole family together in the early morning and be on the beach, links, or slopes by lunch.

The benefits of charter flights make air travel easy for the business professional or the traveler that wants to take advantage of every minute of their vacation. Contact us to book your travel.