Take Back Your Family Vacation with Charter Flights

Who hasn’t joked about needing a vacation right after you return from your vacation? When did vacations change from stress-free time to unwind and recharge and instead become sources of stress themselves? The hassle of travel has encroached so far on our enjoyment of the time off that sometimes it’s not worth it. Why do you think the whole “staycation” idea got started? Because people decided the hassle of the journey wasn’t worth the enjoyment of the destination.


Charter flights are a great way to take back your family vacation. Skip the crowded airport. Avoid exhausted, hungry kids whining (who can blame them!) while standing in the umpteenth line. Get more time at your destination. Go where you really want to go…not where is most convenient to a big airport. Vacation with all your extended family members — even the ones who are in a wheelchair, require oxygen tanks, or have other medical issues. Get everyone together for the family reunion and get started early on your own private charter flight. Get away the way YOU WANT, not the way you have to.

The key is to take a charter flight. You set the time that the charter leaves and returns. Fly straight to a small (or large!) airport right near your destination. Avoid connecting flights, changing planes, or sitting on board with strangers and their kids for hours. Drive straight to the plane and board upon arrival without check in lines, security lines…or any lines at all. Get more time at your vacation spot because you spend less time traveling. Give the kids the experience of having the airplane to themselves. Fly an extended family, or two families together, all one private plane. Relax, spread out your things, play games as a family, read a book, listen to music…whatever you want to do…without worrying about anyone else around you because only your party is on board. Bring grandma who needs oxygen support, or a parent in a wheelchair, or a child with special needs who has difficulty processing the chaos of a major airport. Arrive relaxed and refreshed and ready to hit the beach or the links or the amusement park. Stay the extra day because you can fly home in the evening when you are ready. You aren’t beholden to that last major air carrier flight out, which is often in the morning.

Charter flights free you to take the vacation the way you want to take it, at your pace, on your schedule, with whoever you want. Fly charter once and you won’t believe why you never thought of it before. Wave goodbye to the staycationers and say hello to the vacation or reunion your family will always remember.