Get Off the Business Travel Hamster Wheel with Charter Flights

I hate the dash to the airport for a early morning flight; I leave plenty of time to get there and rush hour traffic means that I barely make the flight…or miss it entirely.

I always say I’m going to work on the plane, but it never happens. There’s a crying baby or a chatty seatmate or not enough room to open my laptop and still breathe.

Sometimes the early morning meeting means there’s no flight I can take that day, I have to go in the night before. I miss a night with my family, I have to try to sleep in a hotel, and I just plain waste time.

Ugh the anxiety from the trip home is a killer.  Will the flight be on time? Who can pick me up? Will I miss my kid’s game? Again.

The whole thing is just exhausting. I’m never at my best at meetings where airplane travel is involved.


If you travel for business, you’ve probably made these complaints.  If you are a manager, supervisor, or C-Level exec, you’ve likely heard these complaints from your team.  Let’s be honest — business travel has all the hassles of regular airline travel (traffic to the airport, endless security lines, stripping for the metal detector, waiting for flights, overbookings and cancellations) PLUS family, scheduling, productivity, and fatigue issues.

It may seem like there’s no option, but there is another way. Business charter flights transform the business travel experience.  The benefits of charter flights are numerous for every traveler: departure from a general aviation airport near you (rather than the “nearest” commercial airport), no security lines, a departure time you select, room to stretch out and relax or work, a plane that waits for you and departs on your return trip when you are ready to go.  For the business traveler, these benefits of charter flights are an extra boon because of the flexibility they allow to accommodate an expanded meeting time window or a family need, the money saved from unnecessary hotel and ground transportation costs, the extra productivity from real work-time en route, and the ability to arrive refreshed and ready to work.

Business charter flights may seem like an extravagance – but what’s the real cost of flying commercial? How many more hours earning money will you get back if you don’t sit unproductive on a two-hour ride to the airport, an hour waiting for the plane, two hours cramped on the plane, and the post-arrival clearing of the travel haze?  Think strategically and add up the money that flying commercial for business travel is really costing you and you’ll see that business charter flights are a viable, cost-effective option that maximize your productivity and mental health.

New Jersey charter flights and Pennsylvania charter flights put you within reach of all the major East Coast and Midwest business destinations, from Boston to Miami and Long Island to Chicago.  Best of all, if your destination is not in one of those major cities — like you have a plant in a rural area or a client in the suburbs — you don’t have to fly into that major airport that’s an hour or two from your final destination. You can fly into a general aviation airport just minutes from where you need to be.  If time is money, then saving time saves you money, and a New Jersey charter flight or Pennsylvania charter flight might just be what your bottom line ordered.

See how Bimbo Bakeries and TMS International Corp  use charter flights to improve productivity and profitability.