Charter Stories: Ray Kalouche

Raymond Kalouche
Time is a critical component when Raymond Kalouche travels.

As President and CEO of Tube City IMS, LLC, a leading provider of outsourced industrial services to steel mills globally, Mr. Kalouche has been flying with Leading Edge since 2011. His business charter flight destinations include Chicago, IL, Pittsburgh, PA, Mobile, AL, Gary, IN, and Middletown, OH.

“The value of travel time is extremely important in our business. The nature of our business charter is commuting between several of the Company’s offices,” Mr. Kalouche said. “It makes business sense to take 4 or 5 people on the charter and leave Doylestown, which is a few minutes from the office, instead of driving to the Philadelphia or Newark airports. We get a full day’s work completed in Pittsburgh and other destinations instead of four hours, and our team typically works during the flight.”

In addition to the practical advantages of charter travel, Mr. Kalouche is highly satisfied with the chartering experience from Leading Edge.

“We are very satisfied with Leading Edge for a number of reasons. First, they are safe, and safety is of the utmost importance at our company. Further, it is convenient and the team is very friendly, professional and cordial. They always make sure your needs have been met,” he said.

Mr. Kalouche explains why chartering works for him and the Company’s other executives.

“Aside from safety, the most important factors are convenience and efficiency,” he said. “Time is valuable. We are in a fast-paced industry and our teams don’t have the luxury of spending unproductive time at airports. You need efficiency and to maximize effectiveness every hour of your day. Chartering gives you that.”