Top Destinations for New Year’s All Have One Thing in Common — Charter Flights!

Travel+Leisure is out with their list of America’s Best Cities for New Year’s Eve and you’re going to be surprised at the results. You think #1 is New York City because of that little place called Times Square with the dropping ball, right? Wrong! We’ll get to that #1 destination in a moment, but let’s take a quick look at the best way to get to some of the other top New Year’s Eve destinations on the list.

#18 Providence, RI. That’s right. Providence. Providence is a great New Year’s destination for art lovers, with a #2 ranking in the survey for theater and performance art. The city’s New Year’s party, called Bright Night Providence, is focused on the arts. Providence is perfect for couples who love something offbeat and memorable, but it’s one of those tough places to get to by commercial airline — partway between Boston and New York City, it’s not very convenient to either. But, take a charter flight and you can fly into Green State Airport just a few miles from downtown Providence.

#14 Orlando, FL. Of course, this is family dreamland with Disney, Epcot, and Universal Studios all right there. This is where the kids want to be when it’s cold and gray up in the Northeast — hanging with Mickey in the Florida sun. Take a charter flight to avoid the gridlock at the main airport and all the cranky kids (not yours!). The kids will love a plane all to themselves and you won’t stress out when they kick a seat by accident.

#4 Savannah, GA. If relaxation and coastal beauty is your thing, this is your New Year’s destination. Savannah is a wide-open smile steeped in history and architecture. It’s walkable and festive with fireworks and festivals for the new year. Sleep in on Jan 1 in your B&B or take the polar bear plunge and start the new year with energy to spare! Savannah is over 200 miles from the nearest major airport, so your best bet to get to this gem of the South is a charter flight into the regional airport!

And the #1 destination for New Year’s according to Travel+Leisure?

New Orleans!

Everyone thinks of New Orleans in the context of Mardi Gras, but the party is on for New Year’s Eve as well! There’s live music all night, fireworks, and they drop a fleur-de-lis in Jackson Square instead of a ball. If you are a party person, this is the ultimate party place on the party night of the year! And, for football fans, there are tons of festivities for the Sugar Bowl (a College Football Playoffs semi-final), including a parade, Allstate Fan Fest, and the game itself on January 1.

No matter which hot spot you choose for a cool New Year’s, a Pennsylvania charter flight or New Jersey charter flight is the best way to get there. No one who has ever traveled by air during the December holidays needs to be told how awful it is. Congested airports. Endless lines. Overbooked flights. Last minute cancellations. Families split apart by the insane commercial airlines’ seat “reservation” systems. But a charter flight will get you to your choice of East Coast destinations with no hassles. Here’s a little known secret in the biz — New Year’s is actually a quieter travel time for charters. Which means you are in for a real treat. Bring the whole family together, relax, leave when you want from where you want, return on your schedule. Have fun when you fly. That’s right. We said have fun. Revolutionary, we know. It starts with a simple call to Leading Edge. Tell us where you want to go and we will do the rest.