Charter Flights Make a Nashville Vacation Music to Your Ears

As Americans search for new, different, exciting, and diverse vacation destinations, Nashville is soared in popularity. Long known as the destination for country music fans, Nashville was named one of Frommer’s Best Places to Go in 2017 and Travel+Leisure’s 50 Best Places to Travel in 2017. What’s everyone buzzing about? Nashville is earning raves for its live music, diverse neighborhoods, open space, and historic locations. From the birthplace of bluegrass at Ryman Auditorium, the country music mecca that is the Grand Ole Opry, to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage estate and Belle Meade Plantation, you can explore all Nashville is and was when you take a New Jersey charter flight or Pennsylvania charter flight direct to Music City.

You see, nonstop flights from major commercial airports in the northeast to Nashville are hard to find — somewhere around 90% of daily flights from Philadelphia and Newark to Nashville require at least one stop. You don’t have time for that. You want to get to the sights in Nashville, not visit the airport in Charlotte or Atlanta or…Miami? The folks who schedule those flights know Miami is way past Nashville, right? Leading Edge Charter knows exactly where Nashville is and that the best, most efficient way for you to get there is to fly charter.

When you leave from an airport close to home, you spend more time at your destination instead of in traffic getting to the airport or waiting in line for security. There’s no such thing as overbooking a charter flight. You’ll never get bumped. Your seat will never be sold to someone else (AND to you). And, if you’re late, the plane will wait. Try THAT with a commercial flight.

You’ll be able to work or relax on board. The plane is yours. Bring someone or no one. It’s up to you. No one will kick your seat, cry the entire flight, talk to you incessantly, or argue with the flight attendant. Bring whatever luggage you want. You’ll arrive in Nashville ready for business or pleasure. Catch performances at legendary spots like the Opry and Bluebird Café. Sample amazing Southern food at Marsh House or eat globally at The Mockingbird. Visit the Johnny Cash Museum or RCA Studio B. When you’ve soaked up all Nashville has to offer, your plane will be waiting for you when you are ready to leave. If you want to stay an extra day or need to leave early, there’s no rebooking or hassling. Take home extra souvenirs in a second bag. No charge. Most of all, decompress on your private plane on the way home and get ready to…reluctantly…re-enter your daily life. You’ll be packed with stories of an amazing trip to Nashville, all made possible by your charter flight.