Charter Stories: Pat Reed

Patricia Reed
Pat Reed is the Director of Flight Support for Magellan Jets, a leader in private jet travel. Magellan Jets maintains a network of charter flight providers and matches clients with charter needs to the appropriate provider. Magellan Jets clients purchase jet cards or join a membership program and, with 10 hours notice, they have access to a flight and a guaranteed hourly rate. Magellan Jets only works with charter operators who meet a very high safety standard, pass an independent safety audit, maintain high quality aircraft, and meet an elite service level. Leading Edge has been part of the Magellan Jets Preferred Network for several years.

“We work only with charter flight providers who meet a very high standard and we require a certain number of flight hours in a particular type of aircraft,” says Reed. “Our sourcing department develops relationships with providers who meet these standards and then sources an aircraft in response to a client inquiry.” Once the match is made, the provider executes the trip and Magellan Jets follows up with the client about the experience. “Many of our staff members have worked with Leading Edge to meet our clients’ charter needs,” continues Reed. “Leading Edge provides the level of safety, support, and service that we require and our clients demand.”

Magellan Jets reviews client satisfaction at the conclusion of each flight and re-evaluates the status of the provider with Magellan if issues with the aircraft or service are reported. “Our clients have universally had very positive experiences with Leading Edge,” says Reed, “We use them for shorter trips in the 4-6 passenger range. Our clients give us great feedback on Leading Edge’s aircraft and staff.”