Leading Edge Aviation, Inc.

Time for you to fly. Fly commercial and the best you can hope for is to be on time. But what if flying could actually make time? Leading Edge offers charter flights in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as throughout the East Coast and Midwest, to give you just that — time. You are in control. You get time back because you don’t have to drive to a major airport, sit in traffic, or wait in a security line. Roll up minutes before your flight, step on, and take off. You get time to work or relax on the plane, either by yourself or with only your colleagues or family. No annoying seatmates, no cramped cattle car. Your luggage stays with you. You make great time getting home because you set the departure time and have the flexibility to change it if you need to. Leading Edge Charter gives you what’s most precious — time.

It’s just after Halloween and already the consumer travel sites are giving you all the tricks and shortcuts to make holiday travel bearable. Condé Nast Traveler says not to travel on the day before Thanksgiving, to come home the Monday after Thanksgiving, and to have Thanksgiving in Texas if you want the cheapest fares. That’s great! If your boss doesn’t mind you taking a few more days off…and if you have family in Texas. CNN reminds you that you are going to pay baggage fees, extra leg room fees, and onboard meal fees. An Orbitz survey found that two-thirds of Americans plan to spend more on holiday travel than on holiday gifts. Americans plan, on average, to spend $2195 for holiday travel. And for what? For the pleasure of standing 50-deep in the security line? For the fun of having your flight delayed, cancelled, or overbooked? For the excitement of trying to entertain your bored, hyperactive kids sitting on the floor at the airport gate? Do you want to be at the airport with the 66% of Americans (that’s 210 MILLION people) who plan to travel by airplane this holiday season? Of course you don’t. But what can you do, you just have to put up with it, right?