Leading Edge Aviation, Inc.

Time for you to fly. Fly commercial and the best you can hope for is to be on time. But what if flying could actually make time? Leading Edge offers charter flights in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as throughout the East Coast and Midwest, to give you just that — time. You are in control. You get time back because you don’t have to drive to a major airport, sit in traffic, or wait in a security line. Roll up minutes before your flight, step on, and take off. You get time to work or relax on the plane, either by yourself or with only your colleagues or family. No annoying seatmates, no cramped cattle car. Your luggage stays with you. You make great time getting home because you set the departure time and have the flexibility to change it if you need to. Leading Edge Charter gives you what’s most precious — time.

I hate the dash to the airport for a early morning flight; I leave plenty of time to get there and rush hour traffic means that I barely make the flight…or miss it entirely.

I always say I’m going to work on the plane, but it never happens. There’s a crying baby or a chatty seatmate or not enough room to open my laptop and still breathe.

Sometimes the early morning meeting means there’s no flight I can take that day, I have to go in the night before. I miss a night with my family, I have to try to sleep in a hotel, and I just plain waste time.

Ugh the anxiety from the trip home is a killer.  Will the flight be on time? Who can pick me up? Will I miss my kid’s game? Again.

The whole thing is just exhausting. I’m never at my best at meetings where airplane travel is involved.