Leading Edge Aviation, Inc.

Time for you to fly. Fly commercial and the best you can hope for is to be on time. But what if flying could actually make time? Leading Edge offers charter flights in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as throughout the East Coast and Midwest, to give you just that — time. You are in control. You get time back because you don’t have to drive to a major airport, sit in traffic, or wait in a security line. Roll up minutes before your flight, step on, and take off. You get time to work or relax on the plane, either by yourself or with only your colleagues or family. No annoying seatmates, no cramped cattle car. Your luggage stays with you. You make great time getting home because you set the departure time and have the flexibility to change it if you need to. Leading Edge Charter gives you what’s most precious — time.

Value. Whether it’s the value of your time or the value of time spent with family or friends, female CEOs know their worth. No doubt you’ve broken through a lot of barriers, made sacrifices, and worked your butt off to get to the executive level. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who built her own enterprise or a woman who worked her way up the traditional ladder, you have arrived at a place where you know what you value and how to value yourself. Your time is a precious commodity and you have too many things to achieve to waste any of it. Charter flights should be in every CEO’s toolbox because they maximize your productive time when business travel calls you away from home.