Graduate to Charter Flights for Stress-Free Commencement Travel

May and June are fast approaching, and with them, the joyous season of college commencement ceremonies. It’s such a special time for the graduate and his/her family, one that should be a stress-free celebration of academic excellence and perseverance. But, too often, the hassle of actually getting to commencement mars an otherwise momentous occasion. This is especially true because many of our nation’s colleges and universities are in smaller towns that are hours from major airports, including the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Unfortunately, the commercial flight doesn’t bring you to the university — you still have to rent a car and drive hours. But, there is a better way to get the whole family to commencement hassle-free — fly charter.

Charter flights enable you to leave from a smaller airport minutes from your home and arrive at an airport very close to your destination, enjoying many more amenities than you’ll find on a commercial flight. You can easily bring beaming grandparents who have mobility issues or medical needs like oxygen. Younger siblings will love the private plane and you’ll love the fact that they won’t bother other passengers simply by being kids. There’s room for all your luggage and no chance it will be lost by the airline. Bring along a special present for the graduate without fear of it being destroyed during baggage handling. Spend your time with your graduate, not in airport security lines. Travel when it’s convenient for you — not when the airline decided to schedule their flights. Avoid stopovers at hubs on your way to lesser-traveled airports, which is common for state university main campus locations. Never worry about getting bumped, voluntarily or otherwise, from an overbooked flight and missing an important commencement event. These are just some of the benefits that flying charter to a commencement this spring will give your family.

We’ve all seen the recent news stories — nightmares, really — about some of the things happening on commercial flights. Forced removal of passengers due to overbooking, massive cancellations due to computer problems, refusing passengers boarding privileges because they are wearing…leggings, even (!!) scorpion stings. Who needs this? You don’t. Book charter and you’ll know all the passengers on board, be free to decide your own wardrobe, and never even think about bumping, cancellations, and confrontations. Just make one call, let Leading Edge know where the graduation is, and we will do the rest. All you have to do is celebrate your graduate. Congratulations!